Liquid Mask

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    Liquid Mask

    I am looking for a liquid mask that is compatible with automotive grade(PPG,DuPOnt,Sikkens,etc) paint?and sold by the gallon.
    Has anyone purchased a liquid mask form a automotive paint store?I dont think a liquid mask purchased at a hobby store would work with the base/clear products I use at the body shop.I am affaid of a messy color bled thur might happen
    Thank you for the help

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    Re: Liquid Mask

    The best liquid masked I've used thus far is the Windsor/Newton brand but I'm not sure if your paint choice is compatible with this product.


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    Re: Liquid Mask

    Is there any way you could test the paints you use against some liquid latex?
    I don't know that the stuff sold at arts and crafts stores would be available in "gallon" sizes. Liquid latex is available in much larger quantities.

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    Re: Liquid Mask

    You can usually find Liquid latex in gallon or larger sizes. Masking fluid is just watered down liquid latex anyhow, so if I were you LOPERO I'd grab a gallon of straight latex and use that.

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    Re: Liquid Mask

    I use Parma, but I'm not sure how it will work on automotive grade paints.

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    Re: Liquid Mask

    pghfett said: View Post
    The best liquid masked I've used thus far is the Windsor/Newton brand

    Ditto. But 75ml is $10.00 at the local Hobby Lobby! YIKES! It's pricey, but good! Don't know how resistant Latex is to auto paints...

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    Re: Liquid Mask

    here bro, try this link

    its made for laquers and whatnot

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    Re: Liquid Mask

    I'm glad this thread was made. Thanks LOPERO! I have a 67 Mustang I want do do some custom painting on when I get to it. This will be a lot easier than taping.

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