Lightsaber Specs

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    Lightsaber Specs

    Hey I'm new to the forum and am looking for lightsaber specs for an AutoCADD project I'm doing for school.
    All I need are the general demensions for the outside (I'll customize it to taste) but most needed are the internal dimensions and components either for a replica or preferably the in universe components.
    I'd look around but the proposal is do tomorrow and i didn't realize how long i might need to sift around to find the information. At least there is enough here that i can go ahead with this project and not have to choose another. Any help you can provide will be welcome thanks

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    Re: Lightsaber Specs

    Try this ==> DarthSaber's Lightsaber Blueprints

    Or this ==> Lightsaber Blueprints

    For the interior ==> Lightsaber and scroll down to 'Mechanics and specifications'.

    Found all this by searching 'lightsaber blueprint' in Google images.

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    Re: Lightsaber Specs

    RafalFett you are a lifesaver that is exactly what i need though i could use more internal pictures but searching for blueprints never occurred to me I associate blueprints with buildings or vehicles so I didn't think of it
    thanks again

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    Re: Lightsaber Specs

    If you're looking for something from the prequel trilogy you can use I know the thread is old but just incase you haven't found what you wanted yet.

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