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    Jul 8, 2009, 3:50 PM - Last ditch effort! #1

    Hi all,

    Please excuse my complete and utter lack of understanding or experience.

    Basically put, I have a fancy dress party next week and I have just dropped my Stormtrooper helmet .

    The right hand eye socket has fell out with cracks and cm sized chucks of the helmet also cracked out around the right lower jaw.

    I have just googled 'repair fibreglass helmet' and your site came out on the first page.

    Had a quick read of some posts and thought, this could just be the place I can get the answer!

    Wot can i doo!!!!

    Can anyone tell me is it something I can repair with some fibreglass repair kit?

    Is there someone who fixes Stormtrooper helmets!??

    Please Please Help!:thumbup
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    Jul 8, 2009, 8:15 PM - Re: Last ditch effort! #2

    It is hard to understand the issue here without pictures.

    You dropped a fiberglass helmet and it broke? Chipped? cracked?

    Are you sure it's fiberglass? If it lost cm size pieces, it could be (urethane) resin, and the repair process is different.

    If you can post pictures, that would help. Next would be to determine the materials it is made of, and extent of repairs needed.

    Yes, it can be repaired in time for your event with a little Bondo and paint.