hey guys, im pretty new here even though I joined a while back and I apologise for this noobie post, this is the first time ive really done this on a forum as usually I just introduce myself and then just jump straight into disscusions and threads, but here I am at a bit of a loss. Now Ive been aware of the 501st for a while but have never really looked into it that much untill recently, and I am in ore at the quality of the costumes but more so at the charity work the group does worldwide, and Its really made me want to get into this.

Now im not new to prop and costume making so Im well aware of the costs and dedication involved with making a costume like this as Ive been a member of the 405th and clonetroopers.net for a couple of years now. Im not really a star wars fan, Ive seen all the films but im not a big follower, but Ive always had a fondness for boba fett. So I would like to eventually create a ROTJ style boba fett and hopefully join the 501st in the future. But with a costume like this and along with the high standards of the 501st, I am at a complete loss as to where to start. Now im not asking to be completly spoon feed here but I was hoping that some of you guys could help me out as to where to start and go, along with some advice. As ive said im pretty new here and am starting to read through the topics so I apologise if these types of posts are against the rules or if it is in the wrong section. I thank you in advance for your responses and am truly excited about starting this up.
Again thank you very much,