Hello all - I am slowly getting my Jango together.

I had an idea for the gauntlet hoses earlier. I actually dyed white poly toilet supply hoses with blue RIT fabric dye. It worked like a charm, but I am wondering what color the hoses actually need to be. In the Visual Dictonary, it looks like the hoses are dark blue.

Also, I feel the 3/8" supply hose it too thick, so I picked up some 1/4" Poly Air hose. It is royal blue, and I plan on dying it a darker blue if the masses agree. I have attached an image of the 3/8" hose (dyed blue) and the 1/4" hose. Note: I have 100' of the 1/4 inch hose, so I will be wanting to get rid of the excess after I am finished with it.

Your comments are appreciated.