How to work fiberglass?

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    How to work fiberglass?

    Hello guys.

    Im wondering, for exemple: if I have got a plastic helmet, and I want to make a fiberglass one using the plastic helmet, what should I do? Wich materials do I need, techinques, and others?

    Any guide of how to work with fiberglass?


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    Re: How to work fiberglass?

    If you lived close enough, I'd invite you to my little shop and show you everything you need to know. There's just too much to try to explain on this forum. I'd literally be writing a whole book.

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    Re: How to work fiberglass?

    hmm... and that's where I got my new ideas for future costume building... the library... here they have tons of books on sculpting etc, so they probably have alot more at ur place

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    Re: How to work fiberglass?

    Thanks to your answers and private messages. Ill follow those instrucctions

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    Re: How to work fiberglass?

    Hi, I need alternatives for work with fiberglass, i searchs and founds in the 501st from Mexico a tutorial but it is very expensive.


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