Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

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    Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Hey guys,
    Just finished my homemade lightsaber hilt!
    To make a long story short; I made it for my friend, as we're planning on going to ocean city to troop, and I told him he had to have some kind of star wars costume so I won't be embarrased to be seen with him. Anyway, although this is hardly a whole costume, I figured it would be the start of a jedi/sith costume.

    I used chrome-plated slip joint extensions (found in the plumbing department of your local hardware store), along w/ miscelanious other bits and THIS BASIC YOUTUBE TUTORIAL- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHSVjIUml50 . this tutorial is very rough and breif, but it supplies more than enough neccesary information for forming the basic hilt design (just don't bother to whatch the goofy movie at the end). You'll see in the pics that I attached a tool-belt clip to the end of the gip, which isn't excatly the acurate saber-belt attachment design, but I'd figure it'd make for and easy-draw saber.

    Now then-
    I would very much like to see anyone's finished saber/saber hilt. Designs are welcome as well!

    Thanks alot,
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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    nice work man, i might try this

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    WOW! Your lightsaber is very good I like that

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Thanks for your compliments guys!
    PLEASE, click the LINK of your interested in making one of your own!!

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    here's that tutorial vid for easy access:

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Hey, I made one from the exact same tutorial except mine is very rough. And I don't know is you assembled it with epoxy (mine is pressure fit) but if not I would suggest disassembling it and painting the sealer rings black with spray paint. Good job though.

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean.

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Looks great, Im impressed at your resourcefulness


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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    looks good bro

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Very nice work!

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    Re: Homemade Lightsaber Hilt

    Nice lightsaber dude. If you do a google search you can find a website that is dedicated to lightsaber creations, so it gives you other style designs and what other materials you can use to make them.

    I would like to make my own lightsaber, maybe a double sided or like 2 separate lightsaber that you can join together at the ends to make a double lightsaber. So maybe I will look into exactly how to make a saber like that.

    Over all it looks very realistic and its very good for a first attempt build. Good Job

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