HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

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    HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

    So, casting some fine parts and some part A resin drips into a small area of the mold... impossible to get out with a cloth.

    So now the question is - is there any way to clean molds without destroying the silicone?



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    Re: HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

    what kind of resin are you talking about - urethane; epoxy; polyester ???

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    Re: HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

    Hot soapy water should do the trick..

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    Re: HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

    I agree with bobby fett, i used to clean my RtV molds with hot soapy water and then left them to dry for a day or sometimes used a hair dryer if there where some deep bits that needed blowing drying but it done the trick.

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    Re: HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

    If the mould is RTV silicone and the resin in question either Polyurethane or polyester then Acetone will really do the trick. It will thin down the resin then evaporate without harming your mould.


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    Re: HELP: Cleaning RTV mold

    Hi all,
    I work in the mold rubber business - we manufacture silicones for mold making.
    I recommend using 90% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning - less toxic than acetone & other solvents.

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