First time Armor

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    First time Armor

    Hey there!
    I was wondering if i could get some help with plans and possible a tutorial on what is the easyest way and cheapest way I could make some mando armor. This would be my first time.


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    Re: First time Armor

    There is a HUGE amount of info for many different methods of making armor. For example, here is a thread that someone posted of "in progress" gauntlets..

    Here is an ammo belt tutorial...

    At the top of each category there is a "sticky" that will help templates to various parts.

    And you can use the search function, and type in "shoulder" if you want to see something on shoulder bells, or you can type "armor" or try different key words and you will see that there is much more info than you can possible want.

    There is a great source for hi res, very detailed, pictures...

    user name; tdhmember
    password; ilovetdh

    Welcome to the TDH. I know you will love it here!

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    Re: First time Armor

    you can also try to search "trash can armor" You would be amazed at what you can come up with, for less money.

    building a boba bucket...

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