Fett RF LED Tutorial?

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    Fett RF LED Tutorial?

    Hey all,

    Can anyone point me towards a good tutorial for hooking up the RF of a Boba lid with blinking red LEDs?

    Thanks in advance for the help!!!


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    Re: Fett RF LED Tutorial?

    I'm currently trying to work out a method to have the range finder not only have an LED but index from upward to eye level and back using parts from an old cd player. I'll post the tutorial when i get the whole thing working. -Darth Azure-

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    Re: Fett RF LED Tutorial?

    If you are having that much trouble finding sintra you can just buy pvc pipe from home depot and cut it to size and use a heat gun and a couple of pieces wood to flatten it out. I did this on the Fett armour I am working on now and it worked great, if you go on youtube and type in Boba Fett armour there is a guy who shows using this method for the knee pads good luck.

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