Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

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    Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

    All right
    Firstly, thanks for taking a look at My Fett Porn-
    A little background information- I have no "official education" in prop building. I signed up to this site a few years back to become an Autodidact in the prop building arts!
    (I wished I Signed up before buying from EvoProps)
    I purchased a "Complete ROTJ Fett" from EVOLUTION PROPS on eBay; The costume never came complete, and the fitted flak and flight suit were too small... Even though I mindfully sent them measurements OVERSIZED by a whole INCH so I could alter them smaller if need be. (So, do that math- they really undersized those soft parts).
    I Wouldn't suggest giving any money/business to Gabriel and his clowns.
    I apologize in advance to admins... I reopened old wounds when I wrote this up and I curse Gabe and his Sheisty company often. And if I ever go to Argentina I'm going to power bomb him from the top turnbuckle. I also have eccentric humor that I'll throw in here and there.

    We'll start from The Bucket down:
    Origin: Evolution props- Piece Of PooDoo.
    Misshaped, terrible decals, garbage colors. The dent was a joke, AND the resin stalk was broke and F(_)C|< Them

    I Spent $1200 on garbage so far...

    THE ARMOR (From Evolution): Piece of ****, thin sintra **** and never used it. Not even going to waste my time retrieving the bin from which they're stored in from under my bed to take pictures and post them... (Unless you request)
    Oh, I Didn't even receive all the armor.

    I received the Chest (L and R), Sternum, Ab plate, annnnnd That's all. No Gauntlets... No Kidney armor, NO BACK ARMOR, and no groin plate. Thanks. F U TOO EVO. Take care, comb ya hair. I was being trolled for sure.
    So I made my own-->

    Correct: For all you Fett heads out there with a keen eye- this is not movie accurate.
    It's Trash can armor from a tutorial I found on TDH, then covered with steel roof flashing (My own spin off). I wanted a real metal, multiple times painted weathered look... I used masking fluid on steel, Rattlecanned the layers. (Rattle Can colors I read from TDH)
    Masking fluid is a pain in the *** to use... I'd prefer masking tape next time.
    The people reading this with the razor sharp reading comprehension caught the unmentioned detail...
    So, I repainted the helmet after reshaping it... (Oven, heat gun, foul, carcinogenic odor of heated fiberglass)
    My beta ghetto armor color VS the Evo Armor colors...

    Knee armor shaped from PVC I heated up in the oven- used Templates from this website, some little trinkets for knee darts and Rattlecan again for colors

    So, The Gauntlets you ask? Some vendor on eBay who sold raw fiberglass molds...
    (Forgot the name of the guy, Sorry, it was a few years ago). Before I go into detail about gaunt Construction.

    I already mentally prepared myself and inferred it was full of pulverized fiberglass...

    Winning. Sort of. When the seller said: "Raw", He sure meant "Raw". I'll add- The product did not match the picture, that's for certain.

    Moving on... I invested in a dremel (Best thing ever), I trimmed, Sanded, Filed and used two part plumber epoxy to make a nice flush seam. I made a fancy light switch assembly to make it look like the rocket could be Armed (This arming apparatus will come in handy at the end of this tutorial. I promise)
    One thing I liked about Fett besides he's 1337, was the Armor wasn't as combersome to wear for prolonged periods of time oppose to a Trooper's... I have big drummer/Jiu Jitsu forearms like pop eye- So, I liked that I was able to cut a notch out of the crook part of the elbow area... I did the same with my Storm Trooper armor so I could lift my arms to put the helmet on and off...

    Notch... And Your Mom.

    Rattlecan wine red or something like that from a Rattlecan color scheme I learned from TDH, silver acrylic for steel look, and masking fluid again, yadda yadda-

    I used Bic pens as darts, some hose from Home Depot, a chunk of wood and some coax cable pieces for flame thrower and I received the resin rocket from an eBay vendor (The only steel parts I received from Scumbag Gabriel were the shin tools, collar studs, radio beacon, JP "Stabilizer" and toe spikes)

    Jet Pack
    was shipped to me all cracked and painted like refried $|-|!T
    The JP harness was garbage, and I had to make my own beacon light.

    The Blaster
    $20 Airsoft revolver, random switch I found in the shed, PVC laying around in the shed, Balsa, Pine (Shed), lots of Hot Glue, Two Party Plumber Epoxy- Fun to build, cheap and Legit.

    Fett went to pay a visit to Santa. Fett received galactic mail that he was on the naughty list. Fett went to persuade Mr. Cringle else wise.
    The planning.

    THE KILL! SET MISSILE ARMING LIGHT TO DESINTEGRATION! (With some inevitable collateral damage)

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    Re: Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

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    Re: Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

    Poor kids didn't know what was coming asking Santa for some dolls just to get blasted. That looks like the massapequa mall on Long Island.

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    Re: Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

    In fact it was...
    I took a picture with the Easter Bunny as a Storm Trooper a few years before the Fett...
    BobaTheMandalor said: View Post
    Poor kids didn't know what was coming asking Santa for some dolls just to get blasted. That looks like the massapequa mall on Long Island.

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    Re: Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

    I had a similar story back in 1999... we planned to go to the Episode I movie premiere in costume. I spent nearly 1500,-USD for the ugliest full Boba Fett costume I´ve ever seen in person. It was a nightmare opening the boxes sent by a german company (which still sells Stormtrooper armour these days). The flightsuit was green, the colour of the armour completely wrong (it wasn´t even dry as I took it out of the box),etc....
    A friend ordered a Darth Vader full-costume, the same garbage... In the (happy-)end we got our money back.

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    Re: Evolution/ My FIRST Own ROTJ circa 2011

    I'd love to see pictures of that costume!

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