epoxy putty removal?

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    epoxy putty removal?

    how would i go about removing epoxy putty all the way around my current visor, so i can put in a new one

    also any idea on how to remove acrylic sealer, the kind from a spray can?

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    Re: epoxy putty removal?

    id say try acetone, but depending on the material of the bucket idk if it would cause any issues.. or mabye using a rotary tool and sanding it off.

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    Re: epoxy putty removal?

    yeah i picked up some acetone today and some other chemical that said "epoxy removal" haha, the helmet is a rubies, so i dont know if its gonna mess with the material at all...but im not gonna take off this visor untill the new one comes in, that way i can keep the shape up before it starts to warp without it

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    Re: epoxy putty removal?

    I was going to reply with the perfect answer until I saw the...


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    Re: epoxy putty removal?

    alll hAiiilll hypnoootoaaadddd

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