Eletronics Help

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    Eletronics Help

    Hey Folks, I'm back.

    If you needed electronics help your in luck, Hubs is home all this week through Monday, and can answer all your questions as you fling them at me. So if you needed help still and I haven't been gone so long you forgot about me, I'm glad to offer help now.


    P.S. Someone hacked my site, so it's down, and has been down for a while, sorry for anyone trying to access it. It is my hope that it will be active in the next few weeks, but we're going to be moving soon, so it's possible it won't be up for a while.

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    Re: Eletronics Help

    Yeah.. i have a schematic at
    that you might want to have a look at.

    It's in the helmet section under the subject RF LED lights... (or something like that..


    Nice to have you back...

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    Re: Eletronics Help

    Thanks Sweede, I'll take a look at them. I remember when you posted them a while back, but never bookmarked them. :P Maybe I should! Now that would be an idea of intellegence on my part.

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