Doctor Doom WIP

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    Doctor Doom WIP

    Number one... I've been watching this Forum for a long time before finally registering... You guys are all incredible.

    Number two... this is something I'm working on. I've been looking online and haven't seen that Many Doc Doom costumes out there... My budget is pretty low, Diapers are expensive and all.

    I built the Mask on the base of a cheap "300 Spartan" Mask I found at a Halloween Store, and have added layer upon layer of think poster board until I've gotten it to where it is. The First two pics are from last week, the last two are from this morning.

    Still needs to be painted, and still need to go buy the rivets to add to the mask. This week, I'm working on the Gauntlets.

    Any feedback or tips you guys have would be appreciated!
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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    That is freaking sweet! What kind of board and glue did you use to get it this far?

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    Cap'n Crunch, Cheez-It, Fruit Loops and Pop-Tart Boxes... and a trusty Stanley Hot-Glue gun!

    I bought Carpet Tacks at the Home Depot today, so I'm adding the "Rivets" now.

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    Just did the first pass of paint... STILL have a lot of sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding... to do.
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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    That looks awesome! Are you going to add some mesh to the inside of the mouth?

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    Your Doom mask rocks the socks off mine!

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    It rocks!

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    Lifeburn said: View Post
    That looks awesome! Are you going to add some mesh to the inside of the mouth?
    Yeah, I'm going to grab some mesh, because I have to add the mouthpiece looking-thinger to it as well...

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    wicked! loving it.

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    Few coats of paint and sanding later... still have to take a razor blade and cut off some of the protruding glue, etc.
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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    Ok, Mask is all done! Just have to put some foam on the inside for comfortable-ness sakes.

    Now I've got to figure out the Gauntlets and such, but Now, to move on to the Cloak.
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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    This the best Dr. Doom mask I've seen yet. I've been hopeing to find a Pep file for him but so far so such luck. Great work!!!

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    That looks ace!

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    That's an awesome Dr. Doom mask. Not the design I would have originally thought to go with, but it definitely captures the look!

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    Re: Doctor Doom WIP

    very nice! Doctor Doom is one of my all-time favorite Marvel villians. cant wait to see the gauntlets.

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