Combine file question for HL2 people

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    Combine file question for HL2 people

    Hello everyone! I am planning to make a CP combine costume by using PePaKuRa so i have a question. Can some one tell me what the file name of the CP body mesh is in the game folder (So I can open it in a 3D program) I did get it from steam so it might be diffrent from how you get it on the CD.

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    Re: Combine file question for HL2 people

    Best bet is to try the forums on or look through the modders portfolios I tried looking through the folders for you but I couldn't find it, doesn't help there's so many darn files lol. I found the textures in Materials/Models/Combine_Soldier/ maybe this could help you track down the actual model files?

    Good luck!


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