Clear Acrylic Distortion

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    Clear Acrylic Distortion

    Quick preventative question. Using 2mm clear acrylic, heating it up with a heat gun to bend it into a visor shape, will I distort the transparency or cause it to buckle, crumple or distort in any way? I don't mean the shape, but the view through it, if that makes sense.
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    Re: Clear Acrylic Distortion

    It certainly may distort. The visors are not hard to find and not expensive to buy. I would recommend you get a real visor and avoid the hassle of trying to shape the acrylic.

    just my 2cents

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    Re: Clear Acrylic Distortion

    Yes, a heat gun is concentrated heat and will make the visor go lumpy and distorted. Heating in an oven, on a baking tray is the way to go, it will distribute an even heat which softens the whole thing which allows it to bend and shape without distortion.


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