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    Jun 26, 2008, 10:01 PM - brainstorming my mando #1

    hey all, im fairly new to the community here, but i've been popping in and out for about a year and i've decided i'll succumb to my life-long need for mando armor, but i need idea's for paint schemes and building techniques.

    i've decided that i want an all steel (light gauge of course) set. thinking just buy from wickedbeard for the armor and gauntlets, cut out a few other pieces that i'll experiment with

    for the bucket im considering buying a fiberglass kit to start with, and reverse engineer it by cutting parts out so i can replicate each one out of steel, im expecting trouble with the dome though, maybe i'll make a wood dome and throw it on the lathe like making a metal bowl. after thats dome a spartan style crest would look great

    possibly adding an armored kilt held up with a belt like the master belt from (no... im not buying a lightsaber)

    i cant think of any other details right now... but i'm wide open to suggestions... im not looking to carbon copy anyones idea's... just review, steal, modify it beyond recognition and make it my own

    the more replies the better.... i don't care if you think your idea is stupid... i still want to hear it
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    Jun 26, 2008, 10:32 PM - Re: brainstorming my mando #2

    Welcome! I have been on a quest to find the perfect mando. I started a thread on here with my favorite mando. You cant look at to many pictures. Kinda like what my old math teacher said "you cant do too many math problems.." I would search on here, google, and dont forget I hope to see your progress!! I have a flight suit for sale on here and a couple blaster rifles too!