Boba Stock

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    Boba Stock

    What do I use for a stock and how do I make it? Anybody have one for sale, by chance?

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    Re: Boba Stock

    Your best bet would be to get wizardofflight's Webley templates for the sizing of the stock. Get some wood (Mid-grade hardness...don't use pine! It's way too soft and will dent, ding, scratch easily)

    Use the templates as a guide to rough out the shape with a knife, chisel, preferably a dremel, and then smooth down to final contours with sandpaper. Start with high grit (100 grit) and work your way up the line in grit depending on how smooth you want it to be (probably up around 800 grit).

    The most important thing to remember is patience. Use real gun stocks for reference, also.

    Good Luck!


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    Re: Boba Stock

    I bought a chunk of wood and plugged it into a CNC drill.

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    Re: Boba Stock

    I cut mine out on a band saw, then hand shaped it. I would suggest mahogany or walnut.

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    Re: Boba Stock

    i used a pencil, a skill saw, and a dremil. worked great i'll post some pics tommorrow.

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