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    Mar 10, 2010, 11:19 AM - The Basilisk #1

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ID:	42121The basilisk War Droid. One of the greatest weapons in Mandalorian History in the era of the Old Republic. Scout parties have searched across the galaxy for information regarding the production of Basilisk war droids and have turned up little results. Har-en Macar, a mandalorian heavy trooper was out doing training of his own. Equiped with all of his gear, yet no weapons, he was to handle nature on its own. Stumbling upon a worn down building covered by weeds, moss, a fallen tree, he began to investigate. The walls on all sides came to no more than his ankles and he expected to find nothing.

    Using his Helmet to run a thermal scan, then digital scan, he found a small powersource coming form inside a covered locker. Reaching in, he pulled out a small bag filled with what appeared to be datapads. They were old indeed and almost broke in his hands. Examening the datapads carefully he hooked his datapad to the most intact one. Images flashed on his screen but were mostly fuzzy and hard to make out. Minutes passed until a clear image almost made Har-en Drop his datapad. The image was clear and cut, there were no doubts about it...a basilisk war droid. With haste he grabbed the items and called for his ship where he would decode and attempt to remake what he could of the famous beast weapons

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    Mar 10, 2010, 11:22 AM - Re: The Basilisk #2

    Sorry about the RP adding, It just hit me like a brick when I thought about a basilisk war droid. The weapon is a heavy blaster with the firepower deisgned from the front of a basilisk war droid. The main cannon is fed energy from two power cells on either side.

    The tape will be removed it was just temporary.
    A handel at the front of the gun will be made so It can be held in front and back (as required for heavy weapons)
    I will eventually cut into the smaller pvc peices and add LED's for a glow effect on the energy cells
    I will add some sort of "screen" to the item for readouts ect

    What do you think?