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    Hey yall. I've been gone for a while what with work and such. I've been wanting to build a Mandor for a while now, but cost/time/motivation (I know, I suck) have kept me from it, so in the interim, I'm going to be building a lightsaber. I've been working on it for a while and only recently settled on a design (and talked the wife into letting me spend the money to do it, heh). My best friend and I are building our sabers together, so this may wind up being a dual build thread.

    I was originally planning on doing a straight PVC saber, but I found myself a nice piece of copper tubing that I think I'm going to use as my hilt base. The power source for this saber is a 3 watt tactical flashlight, which lights up the 40" white poly blade and color disks I got in last night from The Custom Saber Shop. It's a nice even blade color, without the usual flare at the base of the blade that you get with the Luxeon LED style sabers (dang, I kinda wanted that...). I'm going to be making a trip to the local hardware store to pick up the rest of my supplies some time this weekend, and I'll try to take as many pictures as I can. Hopefully I'll have something workable soon.

    I'm gonna use the copper tube as my base, probably with chrome sinktube accents, and use the PVC for the internal chassis. I've got a boot zipper panel (the kind that you lace onto your boot to have a zip front boot) that looks pretty snazzy around the outside of my copper tube, and feels comfortable in my hand. I think I'm gonna go with that around the outside of everything else, giving it one more layer and a sort of used/cobbled together look. Going to weather the copper and the leather of the zipper panel, leaving the only "less used" pieces the emitter and switch.
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