Attaching Knees and Armor(Jango)

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    Attaching Knees and Armor(Jango)

    So I am guessing here.. but some combo of velcro/elastic seems to be the going way to do things.. I am open to suggestions though.

    3M Dual lock sewed into the elastic seems to be what I am thinking would be best.

    Anyone got anything else?

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    Re: Attaching Knees and Armor(Jango)

    I'm probaly going to combine TK-409's snap tutorial and velcro.

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    Re: Attaching Knees and Armor(Jango)

    I used snaps for the front of them to attach to the jumpsuit.

    then with the elastic band, I JB welded one side and installed a snap on the other side.

    But the snap keeps it on, the elastic band stops it from hanging foward.

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    Re: Attaching Knees and Armor(Jango)

    Right now, I have velcro, but I may update to the two piece snaps in time.

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