Anyone want a $10 Cylon Helmet?

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    Anyone want a $10 Cylon Helmet?

    Been a member here for a while mainly for model making hints and tips for a Cylon helmet I've been working on.

    It was proving to be such a painful and expensive undertaking that I thought there must be an easier way to get a half decent result (especially the chrome effect) for those folks who just want a 'fun' version.

    The result - my 1:1 Cylon helmet

    The plans are free to download, but it will probably cost you about $10 in mirror card, or less if you are scaling it down for the kiddies.

    Hopefully other armour parts will follow (if I can get some decent measurements from somewhere).

    Now, the only question I'm asking myself is - would there any mileage in a Boba Fett equivalent....

    Best Regards


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    Re: Anyone want a $10 Cylon Helmet?

    I think this is a great idea. I have a styrene helmet sitting on my shelf but the problem is getting it chromed. This is a great way to build an inexpensive costume & have fun with it. I look forward to seeing more!

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    Re: Anyone want a $10 Cylon Helmet?

    Downloaded the template and made the helmet. Love it! What a Great cheap alternative. Yes a Boba Helmet would be Awesome. AND How about the Rocketeer?

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    Re: Anyone want a $10 Cylon Helmet?

    That looks cool thanks, a Boba helmet would be very good.

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    Re: Anyone want a $10 Cylon Helmet?

    Im so glad I found this, I found a tut on line for making the red eye using leds and a cool gift idea of using a teddy bear to make the cylon out of. Now I have the stuff to make the armor for it as well, super cool. Call it a late Valentin's day gift. She loves BSG so this will work great, I even have a cheap sound recorder for the nose to play "By your command" for it. Will start this project soon and post pictures if of.

    Thank again.

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