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    Jan 2, 2008, 8:39 PM - (1) Noob (2) No cotuming experience (3) twi'leks #1

    Hi all!!I have never joined a fan site forum before but i needed to ask some costuming questions, and what a great place to go to. Some bg. i am a 25 year old woman, college and massage school graduate, long time sw fan and oober geek of it and other fantasy/sci fi genres. i have grown overweight thanks to laziness in college and am using my star wars love and love of twi'leks as a motivation to lose wieght, as i have recently in the past year realized/learned that i can make my own costume for it from googling it one day from curiosity. it was there that i found, after many days of searching, this website: loved what i saw and the fact that it was latex and close to looking like the real thing. i began emailing her with questions and learned that she sells copies of them *squeel* so, then i began searching for costume patterns and info on robes and sewing. i then found this site: this guy makes silver and metal props, he made these headbands for this twilek head. i just recently was cleaning up and organizing my favs and i saw this again and noticed that this particular twi'lek prop head looks as if it is made of some kind of soft leather, so it looks like real skin. it made me want to come here and ask:1--how would you make something like that? what kind of pattern, as it looks like one single piece.2--what sort of leather would you use??3--would you treat the leather before or after you sculpted it?i have no experience in making outfits from scratch and my sewing is limited to stitching up holes and tears. i have never made molds nor worked with leather, so how would one go about researching this and possibly making ones own? any thoughts?thanks for having me and i hope to get many costume help from ya'll!!

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    Jan 2, 2008, 9:19 PM - Re: (1) Noob (2) No cotuming experience (3) twi'leks #2

    I fixed your first URL for you. Good luck on your quest. There should be some people here that will be able to get you on your way.

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