Wanted: Dengar Kit

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    Wanted: Dengar Kit

    looking for Dengar Build
    any resources?

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    Re: Wanted: Dengar Kit

    Check out the original trilogy threads of this forum: Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters

    There was a full plastic kit on one of the online auction sites, but I haven't seen it listed for awhile now...
    ...btw, Dengar has a few variations I believe between TESB and ROTJ, so worth reading the various threads

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    Re: Wanted: Dengar Kit

    I'm not sure if it interests you at all, but I saw a fully finished Dengar for sale at the Bounty Hunter's Guild just the other day.

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    Re: Wanted: Dengar Kit

    I believe mon-cal still makes the kits

    Far Away Creations

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