Vac pump and patio heaters to build vac table

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    Vac pump and patio heaters to build vac table

    VAC PUMP SOLD Heaters still available!

    I have decided to not venture into this aspect of the hobby at this time and can use the cash, so these items are up for sale

    Refurbished CPS Pro-Set Dual Voltage 11.8 Vacuum Pump in like NEW condition. This Dual Voltage design vacuum pump operates on 110 VAC or 230 VAC. Advanced two-stage design pulls deep vacuum fast to 15 microns. Gas ballast speeds evacuation and keeps oil cleaner. Blank-off valve to isolate pump from the system and completely field serviceable. *Tap into rooftop power with an optional 220V jumper cable (VPXJ220). Free Air Displacement 11.8CFM STAGES 2 MOTOR 1/2 HP FREQUENCY 50/60 Hz RPM 1440 @ 50Hz - 1730 @ 60Hz VOLTAGE 110-220 / 220 - 240 VAC INTERNAL START YES CAPACITOR-THERMAL YES OVERLOAD PROTECTOR YES INTAKE PORTS 1/4" SAE, 3/8" SAE & 1/2" ACME OIL CAPACITY 0.24 Gallon DIMENSIONS 16.93 L x 5.71 W x 10.43 H SHIPPING WEIGHT 36 lb
    $300 plus $50 shipping SOLD

    (2) 12"X24" patio space heaters for heating the plastic. brand new still in the boxes $100 plus $35 shipping

    Take all of it for $375 plus $85 shipping and i will also throw in the hardware i had bought to start building the tablke and frame, like hinges, clasps, handles etc.
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