Up For Grabs: Stormtrooper, TDK/TDKR Parts/Suit

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    Up For Grabs: Stormtrooper, TDK/TDKR Parts/Suit

    I have TK pieces up for grabs. Looks like I will be trading parts of my TK for some Mandalorian armor to build a Fett costume. I'll still need some parts such as the helmet, jet pack, flight suit and especially the gauntlets. If the deal goes through, I will not have the chest, back, stomach and shoulders anymore to my TK so I will be parting out the rest of the armor in hopes of getting either Jango parts or money to buy Jango parts. Let me know if you have anything that could help me do this build and especially if you would be interested and willing to trade. I don't care about having perfectly accurate props because they are far too expensive for me, I just need stuff that will get the job done. Here's a list of things I will have to trade:

    Stormtrooper: (I've been told it's Old FX armor by multiple 501st members)

    - Helmet
    - Biceps
    - Forearms
    - Handplates
    - Thighs
    - Shin/calf armor with sniper diamond and ammo pack
    - Canvas belt (sorry, no plastic piece as it broke)
    - Boots (Not 501st approved, just standard "TK" boots)
    - Black under suit (Nice one from UK with front zipper)
    - Neck seal
    - Balaclava
    - ANH Holster
    - Hasbro blaster painted black

    Link to pics:


    Batman (TDK/TDKR)

    - HK/GCFX urethane gauntlets (Seller gave me 2 stories, I think they are HK)
    - Ab armor

    Will get pics ASAP

    Catwoman (TDKR)

    - Body suit
    - Gloves
    - Boots (with silver painted heel)
    - Belt
    - Mask
    - Goggles with blue LED lights

    Link to pics:


    Hit me up if you have anything to trade that i mentioned above and would be willing to trade some of my gear for it. I'm trying to do straight trades for parts if possible but will consider reasonable offers for my armor in cash as well. Just looking for some decent Jango gear and would rather be able to trade some of my stuff vs. shelling out cash if at all possible. I hope everyone understands Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from some people soon!

    - Jon
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    Re: Up For Grabs: Stormtrooper, TDK/TDKR Parts/Suit

    Are you willing to sell or trade only?

    What are you looking to get for Shins, Thighs, and Forearms?

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