Thermal detonators!!!!

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    Thermal detonators!!!!

    Shammoks Emporium is now selling casted thermal detonators

    Thats right the ones you have been waiting for are now here!

    ONLY $20 dollars + Shipping!!!
    Also will do package deals for more quantity!

    (ASK ABOUT THE "READY TO TROOP" Package deal")
    This is version one of the ready to troop package

    You will recieve, However many you order, with trimmed flash and any heavy imperfections unnoticeable! Ready to paint!
    I will ship with tracking and delivery confirmation every time!

    If i am not 100 percent happy with the product then i will not ship them to you!
    I believe in customer satisfaction so if for some reason i do make a mistake with your order and there is liable proof of the mishap i will insure to fix the problem! If i lose in this then i lose but i do not want an unhappy costumer!!

    I will do these by runs, a run can come around as quickly as i receive orders and the only delays will be the casting supplies getting to me!
    * runs will usually take a week to have ready and in the mail

    To place an order email me at

    include quanity and address so i can give you estimated shipping costs!!!

    Also pictures of your products will be availible by request before shipping!
    (this is not a finished product only what i had from the first pulls)


    1. Zeevan Korall- awaiting payment
    2. Zeevan Korall- awaiting payment
    3. Emannelo- awaiting payment
    4. Emannelo- awaiting payment
    5. Emannelo- awaiting payment
    6. Emannelo- awaiting payment
    7. Emannelo- awaiting payment
    8. Emannelo- awaiting payment
    9.Mira_darkstar paid shipped
    10. Sith Steve* paid awaiting to ship
    11. Jess
    12. Lisa

    Second run list:
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    Re: Thermal detonators!!!!

    Now taking more orders!!
    Jump on it while the list is open!

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    Re: Thermal detonators!!!!

    Sales bump

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    Re: Thermal detonators!!!!


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