Sutton Hoo helmet replica

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    Sutton Hoo helmet replica

    Hallo out there

    Itīs my first time of selling something here, so it itīs a problem with no Star Wars objects, please tell me, but I saw many of these items here already, so I would like to offer you my replica helmet of the 7th century AD Sutton Hoo ship burial helmet from anglo saxon Suffolk. It was made for stage combat, but went only on display. Iīm studying archeolog and working sometimes on stuff like that. I bought it once at the visitors center in Sutton at the end of a workshop, with a learning guy from The RoyalArmouries. I paid 350 Euro and now that I have to sell it, Iīll let this glorious helmet go for 200 Euro + shipping or best offer, just for Forum members.

    Second, I just wanna ask, whether or not someone out here would be interested in my Bossk costume I recently finished and presented here. Will sell it in near future for 600 Euro + shipping.

    Now some pictures of my Sutton Hoo helmet replica

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    Re: Sutton Hoo helmet replica

    Beautiful helmet! Good luck with the sale!

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    Re: Sutton Hoo helmet replica

    Dude, that helmet, with that scenic background, awesome-ness lol good luck with your sale!

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