Star Wars Figures and more!

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    Star Wars Figures and more!

    Hey gang...
    I have a bunch of things I am looking to sell off. First off, I have boxes and boxes of Star Wars action figures from 1995 to 2010. Lines included are:
    Power of the Force (Orange/Red, Green cards)
    Power of the Jedi

    note: No Clone Wars, Vintage Series or Black Series figures are included in the sale. All figures are in MIP, unopened.

    I have a list of the figures I have for sale. Ideally, I would like to sell the entire lot, but I am willing to make deals. Hit me up for details or a copy of the list.

    Up next... Clone Commander Fox costume.
    Yes, you read that right. I am selling off my Movie Version Clone Commander Fox costume. This costume is Kevin Weir (imperial surplus) designed and assembled by myself and fellow Legion Member.

    Included in costume are all the fixings, armor, helmet, shoes (Kama not included), pistols and foam rubber belt. This costume has been built to fit me (6'2.5" tall, 52" chest), but I know it can be trimmed down to fit a shorter and slimmer trooper than myself.

    I am looking to get $1500.00 for the costume, but will be open to serious offers.

    Lastly, my DC-15L Long Blaster Rifle.
    This rifle is barely used. It's a Woodchuck creation and in great condition. I would be open to trading for a DC-15 "shortie".
    I'm looking to get $300.00
    I don't have images of the figures since there are so many of them.

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    Re: Star Wars Figures and more!

    I'm looking for a few figures, do you have any pics? I don't remember what line they are from though. Send me a pm and I can get you my email address.

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