Time to pass this guy onto someone else, couple new pieces I'm looking at and the cash from him will help with those. So this is an SPFX Chopper zombie, with all power mesh reinforcements, no paint rub at all, and has been cleaned well each time after wearing. I did do some paint work myself on this too, darkening the ripped areas a touch and adding blood. All done properly with a silicone mixed paint. I added some stringy gangly hair to the mask as well, with silicone. Also included are the teeth, (which were cleaned and throughly disinfected each time wearing) extra thermo beads for refitting, Death Studios corpse hands and chest I painted (with latex based paint of course) to match the mask. Also, a shirt I ripped, weathered, painted and bloodied with permanent methods, ie latex, and silicone for the dray and wet blood. I'd include a display head but it's just really not worth the extra shipping LOL I slapped it together from a plastic t-shirt display chest, foam board, a foam head, foam board adhesive and a lotta tape The mask has only ever had one tiny tear, that was in the septum and was repaired by me with the proper silicone, and you wouldn't know it to look at it.

I'm asking $700 shipped (in North America, ask for overseas) for the whole package deal! Add pants and shoes and you're ready to go.