SOLD Webley & Scott MKI No.1 Flare gun Kit EE-3 Blaster

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    SOLD Webley & Scott MKI No.1 Flare gun Kit EE-3 Blaster

    I have a resin casting from my 1917 Webley & Scott Ltd. Mark I No. 1 Flare gun, the base for the EE-3 Blaster. Kit does require assembly, sanding, filling of seams and small air bubbles. The barrel is hollow, perfect to sliding in a MPP flash gun for a ESB conversion. The stock is also hollow for lighter trooping and maybe even hiding any electronics or batteries you wish to add. I do not have any greeblies for a ROTJ or ESB conversion

    $100 + 12.10 SH in US
    International shipping $47.95 Flat Rate Priority (You are responsible for all Customs Duty or VAT Taxes.)
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    Re: Webley & Scott MKI No.1 Flare gun Kit EE-3 Blaster


    I am interested in a casting of the hand grip.


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