SOLD: Master Replicas Yoda Saber

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    SOLD: Master Replicas Yoda Saber

    It seems my son has outgrown his MR Yoda Light Saber. Both happy and sad to see them grow up. Still have the original box. Selling for $55 which includes domestic shipping. The saber works like new, but the blade has a number of scuffs from clashes with other sabers as you would expect from a kids toy (scuffs not a big deal when lit). This isn't for the collector but rather to pass on to another kid. Sorry the pics are ******. Took on my mobile and in the middle of cleaning garage. Can post better pix if needed.20130810_093556-jpg20130810_093546-jpg
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    Re: Master Replicas Yoda Saber

    PM sent

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    Re: SOLD: Master Replicas Yoda Saber


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