*SOLD*Fett Pride Jango Gauntlets V1 Customized by BKBT

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    *SOLD*Fett Pride Jango Gauntlets V1 Customized by BKBT

    I think these are pretty rare as I never see a set around. I have had these for years & now they must find a new home. These are FP V1 gauntlets & I customized them to be more accurate. The left clamshell bottom has been lengthened, widened & now has the correct curved back. Indent details were carefully scribed into the bottom of the flamethrower unit. The original rocket was replaced with a slightly larger aftermarket one. The right gauntlet is pretty much out of the box but I did some reshaping of the lower clamshell & added the lower aluminum rod. Correct hidden closures were added so these lock onto your arms & will never accidentally fall off. I also installed real switches & buttons to make things functional. The slider switch on the left gauntlet activates the LED. The two buttons on the flamethrower housing activate some low powered red laser pointers. This is a pretty cool effect in a fog filled room at Halloween! These are ready to wear but could use some heavy weathering as I never got around to doing that to my costume. I am asking $450 + $25 shipping (continental US only) due to the cost of the original kit, the build-up & modifications, & the rarity of it. These are really a nice set & I hate to see them go but I need to start downsizing my prop collection. I can't seem to upload pics at the moment so anyone interested pm me & I can email them to you.
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    Re: Fett Pride Jango Gauntlets V1 Customized by BKBT

    Adding pics from my computer at work.

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    Re: Fett Pride Jango Gauntlets V1 Customized by BKBT

    Still available. These run a little smaller than Cruzer's gauntlets & if you are doing a mannequin display, are accurately sized to screen used. I have a resin casting of the side dart launcher casted from a production piece & the lengths match perfectly.

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    Re: Fett Pride Jango Gauntlets V1 Customized by BKBT

    These are now sold. Thanks to all parties interested.

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    Re: *SOLD*Fett Pride Jango Gauntlets V1 Customized by BKBT

    Those lasted longer than I thought they would.

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