***SOLD*** Complete Stop that Ship Captain Sandtrooper

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    ***SOLD*** Complete Stop that Ship Captain Sandtrooper


    Unfortunately - financial situation with car and home forces this sale...

    This is a used once rig - I built it for Celebration 6. Everything is brand new with the exception of the spanish pouches.

    Included are the following:
    Armor - AM kit (I'm 6', 185 lbs.) fully assembled with cover strips
    Helmet - heavily modified eFX with ANH four bump ears, raised brow, s-trim, hovi mic tips, fan, dark green lens, inside painted black, no decals...all details painted
    Boots - TKBoots (size 11)
    Pauldron - Trooper1 (puffy variety)
    T-21 "BFG" - Hyperfirm with two enfield straps and corrugated tube
    Neck Seal - Darman (breathable material)
    Pouches - Genuine spanish pouches (Two)
    Gloves & Hand plates - TrooperBay (rubber with flexible hand plates)
    Belt - Off white/cream canvass

    Pics can be seen here...

    Sandtrooper pictures by geoffslagle - Photobucket

    All my weathering was done in the style and technique of Panda Troopers ([media]http://youtu.be/OIv50-vOalA[/media]).

    Some significant benefits - the T-21 is the lightest that was ever made (Lewis' words not mine); the rig is a strap and snap system (superior to just velcro IMO); pull on armor is really sharp and the ABS will last forever!

    (I'm expecting a MP38/40 pouch I've bought to arrive at some point that I'll throw in I just don't have it at the moment and it's not part of the STS Capt. officially)

    I have well over $1,700 in just materials into this costume - not taking into consideration time and effort to gather/hunt; assemble; weather.
    Looking for $1,500 - this includes PP fees and shipping (within the U.S. contiguous 48).

    For local pick up I will throw in a Stanley rolling armor bin (Tampa, FL area).

    Hate to do this but priorities have to be priorities...thanks for looking!
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    Complete Stop that Ship Captain Sandtrooper

    This is a great price on a great looking kit. Wish I could afford it or I'd snap it up right now. Good luck on the sale.
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    ***SOLD*** Complete Stop that Ship Captain Sandtrooper

    Figured that would go quick.
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