SOLD - Boushh Helmet

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    SOLD - Boushh Helmet

    Unfortunately I have to sell my Boushh helmet. It was painted by Bobamaker and has working lights IMG_8169 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    IMG_8168 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    IMG_8165 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    IMG_8160 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    IMG_8156 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    IMG_8154 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    IMG_8149 by rackey_01, on Flickr

    $900 shipped in the US.

    Thanks for looking
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    Re: Boushh Helmet

    New price… Shipping included in the US.
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    Re: Boushh Helmet

    Why didn't the guy that bought the outfit get the helmet? What good is the outfit without the helmet?

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    Re: Boushh Helmet

    Because she already owned a helmet.

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    Re: FS again - Boushh Helmet

    Back up for sale...

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    Re: FS again - Boushh Helmet

    Man if i had the cash id get that just on principle...its a really really awesome of the better ones ive my wife wants to do a Boushh in the future...but i just dont have that kinda cash right now :/ Good luck with the sale..again lol

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