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    Up for grabs is this BRAND NEW complete assembled Shadow/Blackhole (TX) Trooper armor. Never been trooped, and loaded with extras for your immediate enjoyment/trooping pleasure!!!!


    More pix to follow...

    This ATA (ANH-derived) ABS kit was loveling crafted by Terrell at Affordable Trooper Armor and painstakingly assembled to Spec Ops Det Specialist standards by Darth Voorhees. It is an exceptional build that only needs an undersuit to be approved, and a blaster to be troopable (if you so desire).

    A beautiful quality kit, built to the standard sizing range (5'6"-6'2"), meaning there are no shims or other augments for sizing - if you fit into ANH-derived armor, it will fit you. What's more, it's never been trooped in, so YOU get to break it in and make it YOURS.

    What you get:
    *Full ATA suit assembled (including ALL strapping, fittings and and connectors)
    *Finished TX bucket with correct decals applied and mirrored lenses installed
    *Two interchangeable ABS belt assemblies; one with canvas belt attached, one with glossy belt attached (swappable to the ab plate with Chicago screws)
    *Additional Black latex hand guards (by Karin) affixed to proper chemical-style black gloves - you also get the ABS ones with elastic bands attached
    *CUSTOM ANH (Stunt) style holster (by Darman) with BLACK tabs
    *Stunt neck seal (by Darman)
    *Brand new (still in the box) black Wessex Jodpuhr boots, Size 46 (EURO) - 11/12 US
    *Full set (9) of VaderDave's black ab buttons (not yet attached)
    *Screen-accurate aluminum Thermal Detonator clips for the TD (not yet attached)

    This suit is not only 501st approvable - according to the Spec Ops Det "Specialist" standards, it would be approvable to that level as well (it was built for that purpose).

    **NOTE** - the finishing strips for the rear of the shins have not yet been applied; you will be able to add them yourself to get the look just right.

    Price: $1200 + shipping. And with this kit, YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    I will post more pix soon, but I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have via PM.

    Troop on!
    - Andy
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    Re: NEW Shadow (TX) Trooper armor complete w/extras! Pics!

    More pics. Please note that I haven't polished the armor yet in any way - polishing black ABS is common and usually necessary to achieve that high gleam...







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    Re: NEW Shadow (TX) Trooper armor complete w/extras! Pics!

    Sale pending...

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    Re: NEW Shadow (TX) Trooper armor complete w/extras! Pics!

    **** that's a nice set of armor

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    Re: SOLD


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