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    Lot 1: Resin(?) Westar 34s

    Already painted. Could use some weathering. Slightly bigger than the MR set. No idea the maker. One of the tips on the back of the pistol broke off. It could be replaced if I knew what it was

    Asking $60 plus $12 shipping in the US.

    [FONT=arial]Thanks for looking! PM me with questions.[/FONT]

    Last edited by Ribann; Dec 29, 2012 at 11:26 PM. Reason: Updated Girth Pics

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    Re: Westar 34s, Asok Blue Helmet Skirt, TLobe00 37" Girth

    Interested in the skirt,

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    Re: Westar 34s, Asok Blue Helmet Skirt, TLobe00 37" Girth **ALL ITEMS ON HOLD**

    If the items fall through, I might be interested in the Girth.

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    Re: Westar 34s, TLobe00 37" Girth

    Bump again from a while back. Hold on items has been lifted and items are up for grabs. I have them boxed and ready to ship if anyone wants to snag them.

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    Re: Westar 34s, TLobe00 37" Girth

    Updated first post with pics of the girth.

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    Re: Westar 34s, TLobe00 37" Girth

    Shot ya another pm on the belt

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    Re: Westar 34s, TLobe00 37" Girth

    PM sent

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    Re: Resin Westar 34s

    Girth sold. Westars still available. Hesistant about shipping these overseas. Would "toy guns" cause any trouble through customs overseas? Has anyone ever had trouble with anything other than MR Westars?

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    Re: Resin Westar 34s

    ^ bump

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    Re: Resin Westar 34s

    Bumping again. Serious buyers only please.

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    Re: Resin Westar 34s

    Still have the westars?

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    Re: Resin Westar 34s

    Ill take those Westars off your hands.

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