SDCC Boba Fett figure

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    SDCC Boba Fett figure

    I live in the UK with not much money floating around at the minute due to cutbacks at work so I'm just about covering rent (and the occasional addition to my costume), so traveling to any convention at the minute is out of the question. However, I have just decided that I would sell anything, everything, everyone, and myself to get my hands on a Boba Fett Black Series Figure.

    Is anyone that I have befriended in my time on this forum popping along to it who, maybe, might possibly want to pick one up for me? :P

    and yes, this is cheeky as hell. But it's worth it ;P

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    Re: SDCC Boba Fett figure

    I just saw that figure and I too would love one.

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    Re: SDCC Boba Fett figure

    I won't be able to get out to SDCC either.
    Any TDHers who might be able to help us score an awesome Boba figure?

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    Re: SDCC Boba Fett figure

    I'd be in for one too. I'd rather pay one of you guys than eBay.

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