[FONT=tahoma]FS: Sci-Fire Clone Rig, 2 helmets, Pauldron, Kama, Pistols $3,000 plus shipping. Assembled by Morgue, see link[/FONT]http://forum.clonetr...showtopic=10401[FONT=tahoma], and I painted it Red ala Lt. Thire. I purchased this from Morgue several years ago, wore it 3 or 4 times, subsequently lost 25 lbs and it is to big and it is gathering dust in office. This is one of only 10-12 sets of the Sci=Fire armor! Comes with hyperfirm AB & belt, GF Pauldron, Kama and boots, SGB Mcq TK helmet, JM E2 helmet with removable binocs, EVO Resin Clone Commander pistols/holsters. Fits someone 6'-6'4" 210-235lbs. Not for little clones PM me for more info.