This past year I had a minor but life saving surgery. My job is one where insurance would just bee too costly to have a roof over my head. So to pay my bills I am selling of first and fore most my projects. This is for the TD armor I have been putting together. It has the extra handplate but it is a project.

It is all armor that has been used before.
The blaster needs the rail drilled and a scope and there is a repaired piece on the folded stock.
There is no underarmor (who would want used underarmor any way)
There is a couple of repaired cracks in the back plate (reinforced)
There is no suspenders
There is no garters
couple of drill holes in the top of the wrong shin where the plate was wrongly mounted.

I got it here from another member. The legs are large AM as well as ab and back plate.
The torso and upperback are well used and different type but all the rigging has been done. everything is cut and assembled already. It is wearable with a suspender and garter system.
Boots are white and unweathered like the rest of the armor. Boots 10.5
The belt is the canvas fabric one done for a big guy
The pauldron is grey (still acceptable but not the cool orange one)
Not sure of the maker of the helmet.

600 plus shipping in the US takes it. PM me for serious offers with email because Im not sure how to load pics up here.