RS props "Move along" TD (Sandtrooper) helmet

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    RS props "Move along" TD (Sandtrooper) helmet

    I decided to keep this helmet...its just to hard to let it go! Selling an MTK helmet and a Magma trooper helmet instead.

    I have a built RS props Helmet built/painted by me in the "Move along" style. I tried to replicate this as dead on as i could get it. I put ALOT of work into making it look as close to the screen used "Move along" helmet as a could, down to the wonky paint in the teeth and on the vocoder, the raised and slightly crooked brow, the enevenly cut eyes, the "crack" on the lower tube (it is painted on) and the crooked mic tip. The tears and traps are all hand painted as per the original. For those that dont know, RS helmets are a 1st generation cast off of a screen used Sandtrooper helmet from ANH. . $600 plus shipping for this one.

    Ignore the date on the pics. My camera date isnt set properly. The pics were taken yesterday. Besides, RS props didnt exist in 2008! lol

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