Roto Cast Machine

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    Roto Cast Machine

    Hey folks,

    Letting go of one of my machines. It's a Dual axis, single motor - chain and gear driven (based on the Stelter Creative Design). Inner frame size is 3FT 3 Inches diagonally and the outer frame is 4 FT 3 inches diagonally with an adjustable mold pallet. It can hold up to an 100 lb mold. Steel and aluminum welded construction, with lifetime serviceable heavy duty bearings, and a variable speed 12volt electric motor with built in transformer that will plug into any normal 110 grounded outlet. Unit weighs about 350 - 400 lbs. I used it for 3-4 months before it was set aside and has been collecting dust every since. It will work for most projects like rotocasting helmets, a pallet of greeblies, ect.

    This machine isn't painted and pretty, but is built VERY well with considerations taken in improving some of the components offered on the StelterCreativeWorks designs. Even the least expensive machine you can buy pre-built is $3300 from StelterCreativeWorks and it has a 2FT mold pallet / inner frame. Their 3FT is $5100, and 4FT over $6K.

    I'm asking $1500 firm, plus actual freight charges to be determined by your location. You can figure on approx $400 and up for freight depending on your location. Perhaps less if you have an 'in' somewhere. I'd rather you make the arrangements but will assist where possible. Combined price plus shipping is still insanely below what these retail for.


    Short vid of the machine in operation :

    Dimensions for shipping are :

    Width - 57 inches
    Height - 5ft
    Depth - 26 inches
    Weight - approx 350 lbs

    Serious inquiries please. No trades.

    My PM notifications from here go straight to spam more often than not for some reason so email with any questions :

    This is posted on the RPF as well so it'll be first come first serve if anyone is interested.

    Thanks for looking !
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    Re: Roto Cast Machine

    Good luck with sale dude :-)

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    Re: Roto Cast Machine

    Deposit has been made. For all intents and purposes, this is now *sold*

    Thanks guys

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