ROTJ Leather Ammo Belt Complete - Sold

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    ROTJ Leather Ammo Belt Complete - Sold

    I am not doing anymore runs of ammo belts but I did promise that I would do a few every now and then. Due to my suppliers low and constant change in leathers I can't do runs and make sure that they are all the same. Every now and then there are also a few members who are too excited about getting a belt and can't wait then get upset. I also don't have a solid place to do leather work anymore since my house burned down a few weeks back. So finding a area I can work is limited. So to avoid delays, waiting times, and issues with leather colors I thought it be best to just make the belts before hand and just trim them down to fit your size. Sizing takes less than a few mins so this will ensure that I can get belts out same day (unless its Sunday of course).

    This is a ROTJ belt. Has 8 non-functional pouches and will currently fit up to a 40" waist. This is the size you are at currently without armor on. The belt itself is 47" long. 7" is what I have always given to allow for armor, etc. If you are a smaller size I can trim it down and make it to fit you.

    $160.00 Shipping is $5 USA - $10 Outside USA
    This is a first come first serve belt. Please do not pm me requesting a belt to be made. If you need a belt and missed this one just post a reply and I will know that I need to keep going. But remember that every belt made and offered here will be a first come first serve. If you are interested in this belt please purchase the belt from the link. That is my shop. If you are from TDH you can enter code TDH10 for 10% off.
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