Looking to sell off some project items I don't think I'll ever get to since discovering the fun world of firearms. I'll update the thread as I pull up more items to put up for sale.

Replica graflex clamp: $35 shipped within the USA and will include a bubble strip. Not sure of the maker but it's undrilled and in great condition.

Replica Graflex shell top and bottom. The bottom does not have the graflex markings on it and is just just flat. Was hoping to use this for a Vader M.O.M. build but I'll be giving up on the project. Great condition as well and perfect for the MOM build or any other various projects someone may have. $70 shipped within the USA

Salamanderking's Rangefinder circuits. Great for Fett helmets or a custom clone build. This is version 2 with the long wires to work with a 9v battery. Here's a video of the same type in action, although mine is the version with longer wires:
Boba Fett RF Light2 - YouTube
Tilt sensitive to activate the lights when your RF stalk moves up and down. Up has it off, down has the lights flashing. $45shipped within the USA.