Pulce 40 speargun - ESB sidearm base

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    Pulce 40 speargun - ESB sidearm base

    Pulce 40 speargun
    This is the not-quite-correct version. It has the yellowish clear tip and lacks the red safety on the trigger guard.
    It's in nice shape and complete with original holster and forked spear.

    Asking $400 plus shipping

    Check Art's photo comparison here to see how this version (top) compares to the correct version (bottom)...
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    Re: Pulce 40 speargun - ESB sidearm base

    I won't be surprised if this doesn't sell by the time I log back later...!
    I'd be all over it if I didn't already have one. good luck with the sale.

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    Re: Pulce 40 speargun - ESB sidearm base

    Big question is... does the spear gun actually still work?

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