OdiWan72s collection thin-out!

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    OdiWan72s collection thin-out!


    Aliens PulseRifle "kit"
    - Tokio Marui/ CYMA hybrid softair
    (complete with accu and the original M1A1 parts)
    - High cap -short- softair magazine
    - HCG Grenade launcher and magazine
    - High cap softair magazine
    - Matsuo alu resin shrouds, grip and mag-bottom (incl. lasercut counter window frames. Shrouds roughly trimmed, still need some work)
    - metal shoulder stock and 10 hole barrel vent
    - Tommin PR adapter
    - Hyperdyne ammo counter (old version), which can be attached to the softair for actual counting function

    Have over $1000 (765 Euro) invested in the parts, now 600 Euro SHIPPED within europe. No intl. shipping on this due to postal restrictions, sorry. For all you european collectors...no import fees or taxes on this !!!)

    the RPF

    Aliens PulseRifle shroud kit
    It an older MATSUO vacformed shroud, that I had on my previous PR before I upgraded with a HCG shroud.
    It a bit thin in some places and has a few cracks, but still a great start for a budget build. Comes with SDS mounting blocks, which are highly recommended for a sturdy assembly.

    Included are all needed sideplates, screws etc. one untrimmed resin magbottom, one trimmed and one ALL-METAL mag-bottom.

    NOW $150 SHIPPED

    the RPF

    TWO Obi ANH saber emitterts.
    Top left: Maker unknown, $25 shipped
    Top right: old RE w/o angled inner ring, includes brass adapter piece $35 shipped

    Denix Mac 10/11 replica WITH silencer
    I purchased it many years ago with the intention of either building a Blade- or a EFNY-gun, but never got around to do it.
    Please use your google-fu to get an idea what Im offering. Pics of the actual item FS upon request, heres one of a generic denix Mac:

    100 Euro plus s&h

    "JRX" McQuarrie DarthVader helmet
    Up for sale is an unfinished cast of a McQuarrie JRX DV helmet. Comes with lenses.
    NOW only 350 Euro shipped within europe (intl. s&h will be calculated individually).
    Picture is courtesy of starwarshelmets.com and shows a finished helmet, pics of the actual item upon request.

    "Darth Stone" McQuarrie DarthVader helmet and armor
    Painting of mask and dome started, chest-armor still untouched. Have to find pics and think about $ again, since the original thread fell off worlds end stay tuned...

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: OdiWan72s collection thin-out!

    PM sent

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