NON-SW Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine (good for costume leather)

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    NON-SW Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine (good for costume leather)

    This is the last of my equipment that I have for sale. It is a Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine. It can sew up to 3/4"-1" thick material. Leather, Rubber, Fabric, Plastic, and other materials. I've used it to make many leather props including boba fett belts, gun holsters, knife holsters, and just about everything else I've done. After learning of some health issues it is time for me to hang it up. Most of my equipment is now gone and this is all that remains. So if you make costume props from leather or other materials that need to be sewn this would be a great pick up. You get all accessories that it came with plus original box. It works great and is still like new. I took very good care of it.

    Comes with the flatbed attachment which is normally a $135 add on.

    Asking $1200 shipped to US.
    Retails at $1495 plus tax & shipping = $1685, attachment $135 plus tax, totaling just over = $1800.

    Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine -
    TippmannFlatbed Attachment -

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