Mojo Fett....Please respond

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    Mojo Fett....Please respond

    Way back on July 17, I paid this guy $655 for
    1. GMH Ears
    2. Gauntlet Darts
    3. ESB Knee Darts (MOM Style)
    4. ESB Sidearm
    5. Ali Shin Tool Rods (x2)

    Also attempted to get toe spikes since the original thread...would have been #32 on that list. I asked for toe spikes since day one when I contacted Gav.

    After waiting over 4 months, he reappears, apologizes on the board here and promises (on his threads anyways), that he will send my items out right away. This was October 24th. month later, I'm still waiting. I also asked for Variant 2.0 toe spike and he sold them to others with not adding me or even responding to me.

    After numerous PMs and email to him and posting on his sales threads without any reply at all from him. now seeing others are having the same issue. What is the deal here. Have not had a good expierence and I'm out of options here. Please make this right.
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    Re: Mojo Fett....Please respond

    Update: Fast response from Gav...Working things out. All I can say is there was an offer to refund money to fix the issue. If Gav can sort through this mess with me I will say he is great despite the problems. Customer service is a fickle thing and you can hit the mark 29 out of 30 times and all you here is the 30th customer complaining. we all miss the mark at times its how its handled after that which counts.

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