Malone Fett #5 - Super Rare Fett helmet

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    Malone Fett #5 - Super Rare Fett helmet

    Never thought I'd be offering this piece up, but some times you just have to clear room and open up more space in the display cabinet. This is #5 of 10 of the ultra-rare Malone Fett. It is a 2nd gen copy of the PP2 helmet casting based on the Ken Tarallo plug, which later went on to make the Mystery and Don Post lines. This includes custom aluminum ears and has the basic wiring already installed so you can add working lights in the rangefinder.

    The last one of these that sold (Gino's) went for $2k. Since mine is not quite as complete, I am offering it with a lower BIN. Take a look at the auction and bid away!

    Boba Fett Fiberglass Helmet Replica Malone Fett PP2 Ken Tarallo Preproduction 2 | eBay

    malone-fett-01-jpg malone-fett-02-jpg malone-fett-03-jpg malone-fett-04-jpg malone-fett-05-jpg malone-fett-06-jpg malone-fett-07-jpg

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    Re: Malone Fett #5 - Super Rare Fett helmet

    Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. The amount of (completed) helmets going up for sale is quite ironic. FettPride's helmet on eBay was a tough pill to swallow.

    Why not open this up to the community and giving a few interested (and invested) folks time to try and put something together before putting it on eBay? If you 'never thought [you'd] be offering this piece up' then why would you take it immediately to eBay? I'd love to have a shot at this, but it would take me a bit of time to scrape the funds together. But I can't compete with '65 people looking at this per hour' (eBay's stats).

    I hear and read so much about 'keeping it in the community', yet two major pieces of Fett history have gone up to the highest bidder (total stranger, quite possibly) in less than 24 hours. I don't get it.

    GLWS (and it will).

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    Re: Malone Fett #5 - Super Rare Fett helmet

    I have to agree with Rubio on this one. Im kinda surprised this wasnt offered on here first before launching it on e-bay. Like Rubio said, it may take someone a little longer to get the cash, but it would be kept "in the familiy" so to speak and you would also save the E-bay fees..seems like a win win. But It is your helmet, and you do what you feel is best Good luck with the sale Art.

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    Malone Fett #5 - Super Rare Fett helmet

    Money talks
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    Re: Malone Fett #5 - Super Rare Fett helmet

    Though TDH may seem like a community it's really just a business.......

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