Legand edition Darth Vader helmet

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    Legand edition Darth Vader helmet

    I am selling off a large portion of my collection as im out of a job and still have a mortguage, bills and a car payment. Its come to the point where I have to sell my holy grail of my collection whitch is my EFX vader legend edition. I would never in a lifetime consider selling it if I werent a month behind on my mortguage and electric bill as well as my lil bill. I have only opened it to inspect if for quality and its flawless!!!!! Im asking $1750 as it has never been displayed, its out of stock and I really need the money to keep my house. Please help me folks, youre my only hope!!!!
    Please email me at ickabel98@aol.com as you will get a quicker response. I dont frequent the forums as much as I would like to.


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    Re: Legand edition Darth Vader helmet

    Maybe try listing the helmet on the rebelscum boards, there is a few guys looking for one there Good luck with the sale!
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